How To Count Food In Japanese?

How do you count bread in Japanese?

‘ As in English, different units have corresponding counters, e.g., a loaf, a slice, or a kilo of bread. In Japanese, the equivalents would be パン一斤 pan ikkin (lit. Extended list of counters.

Pronunciation Japanese Use
きん kin Loaves of bread
きれ kire 切れ Slices (of bread, cake, sashimi etc.)


How do you count apples in Japanese?

You can use the Japanese counter 個 (こ – ko) to count a wide variety of things such as apples, eggs, and other small compact objects. The Japanese word for the one (small compact object) is 1個 (いっこ – ikko).

What are the counters used in counting in Japanese?

The biggest and most important counter that uses wago is the general counter for “things”. It uses wago all the way through “ten things.” They are 1つ (ひとつ), 2つ (ふたつ), 3つ (みっつ), 4つ (よっつ), 5つ (いつつ), 6つ (むっつ), 7つ (ななつ), 8つ (やっつ), 9つ (ここのつ), 10 (とお).

How do you count long things in Japanese?

You can use the Japanese counter 本 (ほん – hon) to count long, cylindrical objects. For example, pens, bottles, umbrellas, neckties and trees are all counted using 本 (ほん – hon). You might already know that the word 本 (ほん – hon) can mean “book.” However, when used as a counter, it does not mean “book.”

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How do you count pizzas in Japanese?

1 Answer. As for pizza, 枚 always stands for a whole round pizza. Each cut slice is counted with 切き れ ( 一ひと 切れ, 二ふた 切れ).

Is 7 Nana or Shichi?

As noted above, yon (4) and nana ( 7 ) are preferred to shi and shichi. It is purported that this is because shi is also the reading of the word 死 (“death”) which makes it an unlucky reading; while shichi may sound too similar to ichi (1), shi or hachi (8).

Why is 4 in Japanese yon or shi?

In the case of four you can say any of those. But for other words, like “death” (死)that is also pronounced “ shi ”, you can’t change it for “ yon ”. In other words, “ shi ” and “ yon ” are both words that represents the number four. 4 in general is considered an unlucky number with Japanese and Chinese people because of this.

How do you say 9 in Japanese?

Nine ( 9 ) is 九 (kyuu, pronounced “kyoo”). Ten (10) is 十 (juu, pronounced “joo”).

What is the number 1 in Japanese?

Basic Japanese counting: 1 to 10 in Japanese

Nr. Sino- Japanese reading Kanji
1 いち (ichi)
2 に (ni)
3 さん (san)
4 し、よん (shi, yon)


What does four mean in Japanese?

There are six unlucky numbers in Japanese. Traditionally, 4 is unlucky because it is sometimes pronounced shi, which is the word for death. Sometimes levels or rooms with 4 don’t exist in hospitals or hotels.

How do you say 1000 in Japanese?

Thousand ( 1000, 2000, so on) 1000 is 千 (sen).

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What does 5 mean in Japanese?

5. ご (go) 五 いつつ (itsutsu) 五つ

How do you say 12 in Japanese?

12 juu-ni (NOT ichi-juu ni) 「じゅう に」

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