Often asked: How To Eat Japanese Rice Balls?

Do you eat rice balls hot or cold?

It’s one of my favorite things to cook at home and eat in general. Unfortunately, onigiri are served cold at convenience stores, leading to an important discovery — fat congeals when it’s cold (wow!). This leads to a very greasy, chunky texture sometimes, like biting through small chunks of frozen or cold butter.

How do you open a Japanese rice ball?

How to Open Onigiri

  1. Acquire your onigiri. Bonito flake rice ball, called okaka onigiri in Japanese.
  2. Grab the top tab. First, take hold of the tab at the top.
  3. Pull down on the top tab.
  4. Unravel the strip connected to the first tab.
  5. Grab the wrapper on one side of the onigiri.
  6. Grab on to the remaining corner’s wrapper.
  7. Enjoy your onigiri!

What are rice balls eaten with?

One last thing to remember is that, as a general rule, if onigiri rice balls are included in bento boxes, they should be eaten with chopsticks and not with your hands. With most people in Japan eating onigiri without any regard to etiquette, these three manner points immediately sparked debate online.

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What does a rice ball taste like?

As for the rice, it’s watery. Like a sweet and sour liquid with chewy rice bits that are a bit crumbly. It tastes undercooked. I don’t really feel like I’m eating onigiri.

How do you make rice balls stick together?

You might need to add a little extra water (start w/ +1 Tbsp) to make the rice sticky, or mix in a bit of rice vinegar to the cooked rice and fan it.

Is onigiri better hot or cold?

Grilled onigiri taste their crispy and crunchy best when they are served hot. They tend to get chewy when cold but yet can be used as delicious bento additions. While they usually do not have fillings inside, some people like adding a little pickled stuff to enhance the flavor.

What is the black thing in onigiri?

The black strip covering the rice ball is edible seaweed (nori). Let’s learn how to open a rice ball. After you read this, you have nothing to fear about convenience store onigiri!

How do you heat up onigiri?

Just heat up the onigiri in the microwave, or even better grill them a bit a la yaki onigiri to make them crispy, then proceed as described in the ochazuke recipe by pouring on hot tea with toppings. Delicious!

Why do people eat rice balls?

It was during the Kamakura period (1185–1333) that rice balls became commonly eaten by the people. Because they were highly portable, that they could be held by hand and eaten anywhere; it is said that samurai liked using them as field rations.

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Who invented rice balls?

Arancini are said to have originated in 10th-century Sicily at a time when the island was under Arab rule. In the cities of Palermo, Siracusa, and Trapani in Sicily, arancini are a traditional food for the feast of Santa Lucia on 13 December when bread and pasta are not eaten.

Why is onigiri triangle?

Onigiris actually come in four different shapes but the triangle is the most common. Legend has it that travellers moulded rice balls into the shape of a mountain as a way of asking for protection from kami (spirits), which were believed by Shintoists to live within every element in nature.

Are rice balls good for you?

“It’s a fast food but it’s also a healthy comfort food,” says Sakai. “There’s no other snack in the world like that.” Onigiri which also go by “omusubi,” are close relatives to nigiri sushi, and both words mean “to mold,” Sakai explains.

Can I use normal rice for onigiri?

Basically anything that goes well with rice, is not too wet or oily, and is highly seasoned (read: quite salty) will work. There are several listed in the original onigiri article as well as in the comments. Remember that any filling you use must be well cooked.

Is onigiri a snack?

Onigiri are balls of rice, usually wrapped with nori seaweed and containing a meat or vegetable filling. Much like sandwiches in the West, onigiri are readily available in convenience stores across Japan and are great for a quick and easy snack.

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