Often asked: How To Repair Japanese Rice Cooker?

Why isn’t my rice cooker working?

Generally, we look for an internal circuit or thermal fuse complication but, there are times when a damaged power cord prevents proper connection and power to the rice cooker. Have a good look at the power cord, if there are cuts or frays on it then it might stop the device from getting powered on and working.

Why is my Zojirushi rice cooker not working?

The Internal Circuit Issues In the majority of cases, electronic appliances stop working when there are internal circuit issues or loose wires. So, when it comes down to the Zojirushi rice cooker, which isn’t functioning, the loose wires and connections, along with faulty circuits, can lead to this issue.

How do I replace the fuse in my rice cooker?

How to Fix Your Rice Cooker When the Thermal Fuse Breaks

  1. 1) Tools: Here are the tools I used for this job: Needle nose pliers, screwdriver, and metal cutter.
  2. 3) Unscrew bottom screws and remove bottom.
  3. 4) Check to see if there is a thermal cutoff.
  4. 6) Remove the thermal cutoff.
  5. 7) Buy a new thermal cutoff.
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Can I use rice cooker without thermal fuse?

YES. YOU WILL. I’d rather replace it with an equivalent or buy a whole new rice cooker than bridging that little thing. As others have mentioned, the fuse is there for a reason and it blew for a reason so no, don’t bypass this protective device.

Why does my rice cooker keep breaking?

There are two main reasons, the thermal fuse, and the heating coil. Most of the time a thermal fuse inside a rice cooker will have a thermal rating of 192 degrees Celsius. The thermal fuse inside a rice cooker usually breaks off due to a thermostat malfunction.

Does rice cooker have fuse?

Most fuses are found next to the AC cord and before the circuitry. In rice cooker, thermal fuse is usually next to ac cord and covered with rubberize sheath as its insulation.

How do I make rice in my rice cooker?


  1. Measure out 2 cup of rice and add to the rice maker pot.
  2. Rinse the rice in the pot under cold running water.
  3. After you clean the rice and remove the rinsing water, add 2 cups of filtered water to the pot.
  4. Return the rice pot to the rice maker.

How does a thermostat on a rice cooker work?

At its simplest, a rice cooker works via a thermostat. Inside the center of the heating plate is a small thermal sensing device on a spring. When rice and water are placed in the cooking pot, which goes into the rice cooker, the weight of the pot depresses the thermal sensor.

What does ho2 mean on rice cooker?

It’s mean sensor is overheating according to manual. Best bet is take everything out let it cool down and retry.

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What does H02 mean on Zojirushi rice cooker?

In the Zojirushi cookers, sometimes, you will see the H02 error code. This denotes that the sensor is overheating. When the cooker is getting overheated, there are chances of damage. So, the best thing you can do in this case is to take out switch off the cooker for some time.

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