Readers ask: Quote From Unbroken When Louie Was Taking Food From The Japanese?

What did Louie steal?

Louie had been surviving partly by taking extreme risks, including by stealing food from the kitchen. Louie takes up an offer to serve as a barber to the guards. One day Louie steals a map, which Harris quickly memorizes.

Why did the Japanese spare Louie from execution and refuse to register him with the Red Cross?

Louie realizes that the Japanese spared him from execution and refused to register him with the Red Cross so that they could use him as a propaganda tool for embarrassing the U.S. government and sewing dissent in the American public.

What is the gist of Chapter 26 unbroken?

Summary: Chapter 26, Madness When Louie refuses, the producers try to bribe him by treating him to a proper meal and by showing him where he could live, with an actual mattress and sheets. Louie still refuses and is told he will be sent to a punishment camp. When he returns to Omori, the Bird beats him.

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What did you find most remarkable about the things Louie and Phil did to survive on the raft?

What did you find most remarkable about the things Louie and Phil did to survive on the raft? 10. Over 47 days on the raft, the men lost half their body weight, and were rendered mere skeletons. Yet they refused to consider cannibalism, which had not been uncommon among castaways before them.

Who survived the crash in Chapter 12 of unbroken?

Phil and Mac, the tail gunner, are the only other two crewmen who have survived the crash. They all managed to clamber aboard a raft and tie it to another. Phil is woozy from two cuts on his forehead, and Louie makes a compress out of a wet t-shirt.

What is the gist of Chapter 7 in unbroken?

Summary: Chapter 7, This Is It, Boys Oahu feels the effects of the Pearl Harbor attack. There are holes in the roads and roofs, and the men are forced to follow strict codes to avoid another attack.

What is Japan’s kill all rule?

While Louie retains some hope of Allied rescue, Hillenbrand offers background information about the beheadings and other killings of Allied soldiers at other POW camps. She explains the Japanese “ kill-all ” rule that mandated Japanese guards to kill all POWs in the event of an Allied invasion.

Why did the Japanese debase their prisoners Unbroken?

The Japanese treasured dignity and feared humiliation, and loss of honor could merit suicide. They were willing to debase their prisoners with zeal to take from them that which was most painful and destructive to lose. Why is dignity so essential to human life?

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Why do they call him the bird in unbroken?

In fact, he earns his nickname—the Bird —because it carries “no negative connotation” (4.24. 2). Everyone is that afraid of getting on his bad side. Speaking of his bad side, the Bird is confusingly nice at times, which almost makes him worse.

What is the gist of Chapter 28 in unbroken?

Summary: Chapter 28, Enslaved Cremated remains of dozens of Allied soldiers spill out of boxes against one wall. Louie learns that the Bird (Wanatabe, whom the Aussies call “Whatabastard”) had brought Louie and the men to him on purpose, with the intention to torment Louie.

What is the gist of Chapter 25 unbroken?

Summary: Chapter 25, B-29 In late October 1944, Louie is permitted to push a wheelbarrow into Tokyo in order to retrieve horse meat from a slaughterhouse. On a building, Louie sees a message that he translates to mean “B-29.” At the time, he does not know what this means. Louie tapes a message for his family.

What is the gist of Chapter 27 in unbroken?

On the first day of March, the camp officials transport Louie and Frank Tinker and a few other POWs to another camp called Naoetsu in the western part of Japan. As they take a train west, the snow begins to fall harder and harder. When the arrive at the Naoetsu, snow almost entirely obscures the camp.

What is the gist of Chapter 1 in unbroken?

Summary: Chapter 1, The One -Boy Insurgency In California in the summer of 1929, Louie and his brother, Pete, wake to the sound, and then sight, of a massive aircraft passing over their house. Louie notices how the famous German dirigible airship Graf Zeppelin covers the star-filled sky with complete darkness.

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What can we learn from Unbroken?

Here are 10 lessons I took away from my experience in both reading and seeing Unbroken:


Is Unbroken a true story?

Unbroken is a 2014 war film produced and directed by Angelina Jolie. It is adapted from 2010 non-fiction novel Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. The novel is written by American author Laura Hillenbrand. It is based on a real war-time survivor Louis Zamperini.

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