Student night @The Trafford Centre!
October 2017


Firstly, as many of you know I am the new (ish) marketing executive, ok it’s actually been 3 months already! So when the Trafford Centre asked us to be a part of the Student Night I was all for it! As I remember the days of being a student so clearly only months ago crying

We decided to offer students 50% off Bibimbap cheeky the students could choose either chicken, beef or veggie for just £5.99!!! Also the Trafford Centre had created a promotion hiding 1,200 vouchers around the centre and they had asked us if we would like to be a part of it, and of course we said yes! We provided 25 vouchers to the Trafford Centre for them to hide and the students could come to Wokooshii and claim a FREE portion of Salt & Pepper Edamame cheeky

I had promoted it all over social media and the Trafford Centre had too, as well as making their own flyers with our promotion in.

But then….It was Tuesday 3rd October (Student Night) and I was so nervous I could hardly talk or breathe! I hadn’t really realised this was my first real project and what if it didn’t go well? This was my night, I was in charge of it…but what if no one came? I’d obviously cry! And I forgot to think of the positives!

By 6pm all the students were signing up at the Trafford Centre and low and behold students came!! (I started to breathe again!) Lots of students came with their free voucher asking ‘what is edamame?’ and choosing our special offer dish Bibimbap. Thank goodness the night was a success! yes

If you missed our amazing offer keep your eyes peeled for next year’s student night! Or follow us on social media for the next great offer!! laugh