The newbie not liking cooked fish let alone raw fish!


I started working at Wokooshii just recently after graduating from the University of Bolton with a first class honours degree in Business Management. Here at Wokooshii I am the marketing and social media executive. It wasn’t long before Gerry (the owner) had me trying raw fish, in fact it was my second day and I didn’t want to look rude by saying no. Now I love chicken and most other things that are cooked! But when it comes to raw fish I was very unsure. I had never tried sushi before and now the time had come! Gerry served the raw fish – sashimi tuna and from the look on my face everyone laughed. I tried a little bit and it was not what I was expecting, when I think of tuna I think of the smelly kind in a tin! This tasted nothing like it! It didn’t even smell like tuna! I ate the whole piece and enjoyed it! I also tried the sashimi salmon but to be honest I didn’t like that, I’ve had salmon before and yes it was cooked but I didn’t like it then either. So it turns out raw fish is actually ok! Who knew?!

Thankfully there were some cooked dishes including king prawn tempura which were quite tasty (considering I’d never had prawns before) and a hot and spicy chicken dish! I especially liked the pan fried vegetable dumplings – fried so I loved them! Who doesn’t love fried food?!

I think my new job title needs to be changed to food critic!