FAQ: Pakka Pets What Counts Japanese Food?

What foods do Pakka pets not like?

Training is one of the key aspects of your Pakka that will determine how it evolves. There are times when your pet will refuse to eat healthy food items such as broccoli or yogurt (there is a higher chance of it refusing to eat food if its level of happiness is low).

How do Pakka pets make their poop happy?

An easy way to get your pet to poop is to feed them certain items like an Alien Meal that makes them poop with each bite. Sometimes, when you open up the main room there will be a poo with a fairy flying around sparkling. If you tap the fairy or throw out the poo, you’ll get 1000 hearts.

How can Pakka pet lose weight?

Training Quickly Many people use Broccoli/Yogurt/Bread/Eggplant as a way to train their pets quickly. Pakka pets are more likely to turn away from healthier (less fatty) food, and way more likely to turn away lower fat foods if they are not happy.

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Is Pakka pets dead?

Pakka Pet isn’t dead yet!

How can I change my pet in Pakka pet?

go into the pet menu, click on the settings button in the bottom right hand corner. it will bring you to a new menu with “chose a new egg” at the top!

Where is bodrey in Pakka pets?

Details: Speak to the mail carrier Pakka in the Park. Talk to Bodrey in the Sewers.

How can Pakka pet get high training?

To train your Pakka, you have to pick it up and drop it next to the food. You might have to do this two or three times. Your Pakka will then eat the food, and its training level will go up.

How do you get more Hearts in Pakka pets?

Hearts can be earned in your room by poking your Pakka, picking it up by dragging it up and dropping it, and making it chase your finger on the screen. Another way to earn some hearts is by playing the heart mini game at the movie theater (accessible by movie bus ticket).

Where do you find rocks in Pakka pets?

Item & Recipe List

Item Name Best recipe found
Rock Location: ♥’1’2 Found on the floor of cave levels 1 and 2.
Water Location: ♠♥ Appears in the store frequently.
Poison Shroom Location: 1 Rock + Rock + Rock _______________________________ Water + Rock + Rock _______________________________ Power Shroom + Broccoli + Soap


How do you get to the Pakka village pets?

In the top right corner of your main screen, click the door button to access your village. Your village is a plot of land with different locations for you to visit that you can customize. This replaces the Bus Stop System.

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How can I make my Pakka pet evolve faster?

Your pets can be evolved quickly by feeding them food with “ evolve ” points. Your pet’s evolution is based on their average happiness and hunger since their last evolution.

What does the weather machine do in Pakka pets?

Makes it snow in your room. Has no stats benefits, but you can watch your pet eat snowflakes. Snow will melt and disappear over time.

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