Quick Answer: Food Fantasy How To Change To Japanese?

How do I change my character in Food Fantasy?

How do I change the character on my main screen?

  1. Go to the “Souls” interface.
  2. Scroll to the character you would like to set as your main screen character.
  3. In the center of the top part of your screen, there should be a greyed out heart. Tap on it.
  4. Your main screen character has now been set to that character!

Is Food Fantasy A Gacha?

Food Fantasy is a gacha game where you summon characters named after food to help you fight demons and also run a restaurant.

Is Food Fantasy a Chinese game?

Chinese mobile food -themed fantasy RPG, Food Fantasy (食之契約), has soft-launched in Singapore and Philippines! The game is will be available worldwide on 20th July. Food Fantasy is a business simulation x RPG game about spirits in the form of personified dishes.

Is Food Fantasy a good game?

With stunning graphics and anthropomorphized food items, Food Fantasy is a mobile game that is both fun and engaging. It combines aspects of two common gaming genres, RPG and restaurant management, into one game, making for a unique experience.

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How do you restore freshness in food fantasy?


  1. Once you reach level 16, the Ice Arena will open up. You can place three Food Souls in the Ice Arena, which will restore their freshness over time.
  2. Inside the Restaurant or the Ice Arena, click on the worker (for the chef, click on them in the Prep screen), then “Feeding” on the bottom right.

How do you get more food fantasy tips?

Food Fantasy Tips & Cheats: –

  1. Don’t upgrade all the food souls you have.
  2. Focus on SR Rank or UR Rank Souls.
  3. Level Up Food Souls.
  4. Increase the skill.
  5. Ascend.
  6. Select Fallen Angles To Get Bonus.
  7. Train Fallen Angles.

How do you summon food fantasy?

How to Summon Food Souls. The first Food Soul you’ll acquire is Milk, but you’ll want to summon new ones as often as you can. You’ll obtain new Food Souls by collecting Soul Embers and using them in the summoning pavilion at the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen. Summoning a Food Soul costs 150 Soul Embers.

How do you summon food souls with shards?

Food Soul Shards are used to fuse or ascend a Food Soul. Fusing a soul means getting enough shards that you can instantly summon them. Ascending a soul means leveling up your character using their shards until they are 5-starred. This boosts their statistics and lets you unlock their ascended appearance.

Who is the creator of Food Fantasy?

Food Fantasy (食之契约, shí zhī qì yuē) is a RPG adventure management game featuring personified food. Originally released in Chinese by Funtoy Games on December 22, 2017, it has since been localized into Japanese and Korean, as well as having two separate multilingual versions with English support.

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Can you play food fantasy PC?

Features of Food Fantasy on PC Download and play Food Fantasy on PC. Play as long as you want, no more limitations of battery, mobile data and disturbing calls. The brand new MEmu 7 is the best choice of playing Food Fantasy on PC.

What type of game is food fantasy?

Food Fantasy is a “ Food Personified” RPG adventure management game. Inspired by hundreds of recipes from around the world, a group of world renowned artists and voice actors have brought food to life. Giving them unique personalities, stories, looks and designs.

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